Monday, 10 October 2016


Dear friends,
Yes, I love going out, but how to get knowledge about life.

Yes, i like spending a lot of time with you, it means that i live life according to my own expectations and ideas.

It simply means that i appreciate spending time with my friends because I've chosen them wisely and they mean the world to me....

Did u know about true color of me ??? come here and stand in front of me, I tell you..

I allergic to nonsense !! I am fun loving person but you cannot handle nonsense. Stay away  from people who are insensitive and don't think before they speak.

Dear Friends,
Life is not about what happens to us, it is not how we react to what happens to us, our experiences in life, both good and bad, have taught you that life goes on and time waits for no one. So Dear Friend, it's better to keep moving.

Dear Friends, life and world teaches us how beautiful it can be to let go, teaches us to be thankful, and teaches us to embrace new beginnings...

If i say and did what im saying just now....... IT'S ME : UHIBBUKI FILLAH.?????

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