Tuesday, 20 September 2016


When we want something that does not happen, then it does not mean it will not happen forever,
perhaps, it was stored at a time when the more special........
everything is good, always arrive at the best time. Possible so that we are better prepared, as well as possible so that we are more clever grateful.
If we have been hurt, then the best way reply is: we become better every day. Not with to hurt, mocking reply, etc....

The day after tomorrow the people who hurt us would stare at us and our accomplishments from a distance, then realized how uninteresting his life.
If we believe in ourselves, then we do not need expensive clothes, glamour, luxury to patch flaws themselves.

If our knowledge widely, our knowledge in, any good understanding have owned, we did not need jewelry, cosmetics, and all the accessories for stuffed appearances in order to impress others.

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