Friday, 23 September 2016


Once one morning, a girl asks her mother:

"Ibu..ibu always look beautiful. I want to be like you, tell me how. "
With soft eyes and a smile of emotion, the mother replied:
"For attractive lips, say a kind word."
"To cheek dimples, always sincere smile to anyone ..."
"For beautiful eyes charming, always look at the good of others ..."
For a slim body, set aside food for the poor ... "
"For her delicate fingers charming, calculate the goodness that has been done to you ..."
"For a glowing white face, cleanse the defilement ..."
"My child..

Do not be overbearing physical beauty because it will fade with time.

Beauty behavior will not fade even by death.
Get used to say four words to anyone with a polite: Thank you, I'm sorry, please, and I beg your pardon.
If you REALLY, then you do not need to get upset.
If you're WRONG, then you are obliged to apologize.
Patience with the family is LOVE.
Patience with others is RESPECT.
Patience with yourself is FAITH.
Patience with God is FAITH.
Do not be too remember the past, because it will bring TEARS.
Do not think too much about the future, because it will bring FEAR.
Run this time with a smile, because it will bring joy!
Each exam in life can make you sore or better.
Any problems that arise can strengthen or destroy.
The choice is you, will you choose to be a victim or a victor.
Look for a beautiful heart and not a pretty face.
Beautiful things are not always good, but good things will always be beautiful ..

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